Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Under The Influence

As the world outside slowly transforms into a black and white sketch. The dark grey sky sits low and heavy as though it's about to fall. Soon we will be blanketed in white. Under the cold of winter. Preserved and frozen. I often think of this planet and how it keeps restoring and renewing itself. The earth isn't alive like an organism. Yet it mirrors life. Over the billions of years of this planets existence, the landscape has changed many times. As volcanos erupt land increases. With earthquakes land is ingested by the earth and recycled. The surface of the planet is constantly under a barrage of eroding elements. The suns radiation, water, the weather and natural disasters. Tornados and hurricanes often destroy substantial portions of land. The earth seems to function like a life form. Sometimes accumulating and other times loosing land. Its as though the earth cleanses itself.

Ahoy Mate!
Seventy percent of the planet is water. This is true of human beings, as well. To be exact, the earth consists of three hundred and twenty six, million trillion gallons. Just to be clear—a billion is a thousand millions. A trillion is a thousand billions. These numbers are far too large for our minds to comprehend. Planet earth is one finely-tuned, smooth running machine. It is we that give it grief and create lots of things and that makes lots of junk. Of course the planet goes through its own cycles and processes, but we bring toxicity to our home. We create poisons for progress. Compounds which take thousands of years to breakdown. Leaving a foul, toxic waste or residue behind. Contributing to the demise of life which inhabits this earth. As the great George Carlin said: "The earth is just going to shake us off like a bad habit. Like a biological mistake and restore itself back to normal." (This is not a real quote. Just using quotes to show the paraphrase) It is believed by scientists that in about one-hundred years the earth would completely restore itself, as though WE were never here.

Do You Do That In Your House?
We can discuss many aspects of our origins, but for the purpose of this point, lets just stick to the physical plane. We grew out of this planet. Bacteria inhabited all of earth for almost four-billion years before any visible life appeared. We humans are here for seventy to one-hundred thousand years. Yet we are a destructive bunch. We not only take other peoples lives, we mistreat our animals and don't show much respect for our "mother." Our houses shelter us from days like today (Inclement weather). Our home is our sanctuary. The place we visit when we're not busy running things. Imagine treating our houses and apartments like we treat our earth. Our home. We bomb our earth to kill people! This is total insanity. There is no justification for that. Our ability to hurt our home and therefore ourselves is clearly repeated on a more personal level where lifestyle is concerned. We willingly poison our bodies and justify the reason for doing it. We do things that are obviously damaging and provide good reasons for living how we do. Due to our ingesting of poisons organic and not, there as been a slow diminishing of vitality throughout the human race—we have become accustomed to living with the proverbial "thorn in our foot." We live with discomfort and hardly recognize it as such. We explain it away by attributing things to old injuries or aging. We accept premature breakdown. We believe in the story we've been told. A tale of fiction based on capitalism. Of course medicine plays an important role in the system. I agree with that whole heartedly. Conceptually, though. I do not believe in the poison we trade on the stock market that we call medicine. I'm referring to substances that exist and are used as health and healing aids—rather than the economy builders we are indoctrinating the human race with.

Black Is The New White
We justify war for peace. We justify outright thievery in support of capitalism. We limit our freedom so we can be free. We poison ourselves when we celebrate. Some of us insult our children and say its for their own good. Some even raise their hands and strike their children claiming the same thing. Why live this way. As if our parents were right? Nothing against them—they mostly made it up as they went. They took the terrible job their parents did and reenacted their experience on you with some new twists. Have we become so numb to the simplicity and beauty of life that we need constant stimulation? Is that why our society is obsessed with sex the way it is? Nothing against sex. It's a wonderful thing. But we seem to have really lost our way. Women augment their bodies to satisfy the twisted desires of a creature who lives through a tainted perception. This from the poisonous results of his chosen way of life. How are gigantic fake boobs attractive to a healthy man? Maybe all that hormone infused meat and beer has made men into supermen? We have traded the grotesque and distorted for natural beauty. All illusion.

Here Comes The Sun
I don't know why I think this, but I believe the human race is going through a natural collective process of purification. Much like the earth renews and restores itself. Now is the time. Now is the time to shed the layers of the past. Shed your toxic refuse and allow your body to be restored to a more accurate version of itself. Allow your body to be vibrantly healthy. Allow the process to happen. Ride this evolutionary wave. I'm trying to say the species is augmenting itself to another category. But, I do think for human life to continue successfully on this planet, we all are going to have to become leaner and stronger. Our perception won't change unless we change internally. We think through the distorting effects of toxicity. We operate on polluted fuel. We grow polluted food. We apply poisonous chemicals to our foods in order to improve them. Wrap your head around that one! We cannot make proper positive decisions while under the influence of poison. We are a drunk species. Auto-intoxicating at every turn. We shrug it off with false bravado and then one day, it happens. The stroke. The heart attack. Cancer. If we survive the sudden visit of mortality, we might change how we live and use it as a wake-up call. Or we may succumb.

"Seasons will pass you by. I get up. I get down. (Jon Anderson—Close To The Edge-Yes)
Most of us believe that that's life. We say "what can you do?" One thing we can do is make better choices. I've said that before. We can change our genetic code with enough consistent clean living. Undo so called inherited weaknesses. Don't wait till you've run out of road. Like in cartoons when the character runs off the cliff. Bring your attention to your health. Be SELF centered. SELFish! What the hell else should you be? Just change the connotation of those terms for yourself. Give them positive meanings. The seasons will help you prepare for renewal. As the seasons change so does our inner ecology. We are in perfect harmony with nature because we are nature. Go with the flow. Enjoy life and live fully.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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