Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Super Sized People Parade Or The Fiction Of Indulgence

I was shopping at Modell's the other day. I was there to find sweats for the winter and some socks, etc. As I was raking through the racks of sweat clothes I was once again reminded of the fact that I am part of the great minority. An oxymoron, I know. Not just as a vegan, raw food type, but as a person that is not SUPER SIZED! It was difficult to find mediums or even large sizes. I like my sweats baggy. Still the new medium is large so large has become extra-large. Searching for medium sized clothes, especially in the underwear section, is a real challenge. I had to walk over a sales woman and asked her if manufacturers still make small, medium and large? She kind of chuckled and said "yeah, ya just have to look a little harder. She said that the smaller sizes sell faster. This doesn't make any sense! If the store has lots of extra-extra-large sizes and fewer "normal" sizes, due to the fact that the public waist line has increased—then the store should have in-stock, lots of smaller sizes with all the larger sizes sold-out! I was confused by the logic used to answer this question. The reality is that our clothing sizes have changed without people realizing it. I guess this helps people to believe they are NOT expanding when in reality they are! If people don't think they're getting fat, they'll continue to eat, therefore BUY MORE FOOD! As I pointed out in yesterday's post, it is NOT NORMAL to expand, just because you are getting older. It is not normal to have symptoms of old age at forty.

The Food Here Is Terrible. . .
And the servings are way too small. . . (a line from "Annie Hall" A Woody Allen film.)
We live with this contrast. We may not be crazy about what we eat all the time, yet we still want a lot of it!

We are rapidly becoming "Super-Sized" people. We all need to stop making excuses for our fatness. Fatness is not something we should love. Loving ourselves while being fat is exactly what we should be doing. But being overweight should not be treated as an arrival or a destination where we remain. Some of us don't realize we've put on that much weight because it happens slowly and gradually, and clothing sizes are changing to assist our expansion. Imagine if one day you woke up and were forty pounds heavier than you were yesterday. You'd really feel it. As opposed to waking up one day and saying, "I just feel so sluggish and weighed-down." This process has been going on all your life. During your youth your bodily functions were taxed and called upon to bail you out of many indulgences. From so-called celebrations, which include alcohol, to vacations on cruise ships. Cruise ships should be renamed to vomitoriums! Feeding troughs! There is literally no time of the day or night when a person cannot find a plentiful meal on a cruise ship. Now, once a person acknowledges their excess weight, it is time to do something about it. Once our youth is over, the results are in. We're bigger. Simple. The number one most important aspect of weight-loss is not exercise! IT IS DIET CHANGE! Change what you eat, drop some weight, then begin your exercise PROGRAM. Love yourself the whole time. Just don't accept being fat as a natural component of getting old. That's outright bullshit! I weigh less now than I did the day I started high-school! And that was nineteen seventy-six! Don't believe your television set. It will kill you. Not the TV but the slime which oozes all over your mind as you watch the perpetual fiction which streams through your fancy LCD, twenty-four hours a day. I love my LCD flat screen. Yet I know that mostly everything coming through that poisonous screen is nonsense.

I Am The Slime. . . (Frank Zappa—from his song of the same title)
Don't believe the ads on TV. Don't believe Dr. Phil, he's fat! I know, that's mean, right? Is it? Political correctness is mind control. Control the language of people and you control their thinking, therefore their acts. Funny how the people most deeply racist come up with a sanitized language. I think its more so we speak sanitized words. Doesn't seem to do much FOR the general feelings of people around race in this country. Political correctness has done nothing to change racism in this world, one iota! PC language for bigots are putting speed bumps on the streets in front of elementary schools. Really? People need to be controlled and forced to drive safely around small children? Well, we seek lap-band surgery and gastric-bypass surgery, to eat less. I think it was Dennis Miller, before he became a psychopathic, right-wing, unfunny, nut bag who said: gastric bypass surgery for fat people is like sewing shut the nostrils of a cocaine addict to stop them from using the drug. Very funny. Yet true. We don't need this crap. We need real information. We need to study the human diet. Not the American Whey! If peoples daily routines consisted of healthy habits, we'd be having very different discussions about our economy, our healthcare system. Which are intrinsically tied together. Things would be very different in this country and therefore the world.

Don't Judge A Food By It's Cover!
In a nation where people believe that most of what we eat is not only food but healthy food is alarming, to say the least. We live in a country where industry rules. Where servings of meals grow larger every year, while the rest of the third-world nations continue to starve. Our belt sizes increase. We buy tents for clothes. We eat fat-free garbage. WE EAT CHEMICALS IN THE HOPES OF ONE DAY BEING BEAUTIFUL AGAIN. As we eat more and grow larger so does the number of starving people in poverty stricken countries. What kind of insanity has come over us, people? We are a nation of overweight people. That's a fact. We are indulgent. We justify our illnesses with stupidity like this: "I don't care, I'd rather die than live without chocolate." And die you will. This is a selfish act, perhaps. It is also similar to someone addicted to drugs. Except these drugs taste really good but feel really bad. Listen, judge this book by its cover. If it's packaged and has catchy slogans telling you how great it is, don't eat it! You never see anything on an apple trying to sell you on what it is or what it can do for you. All produce should have signs which say: HUMAN FOOD! But human food doesn't feel right for most people. It feels strange and unsettling. Unsatisfying. Why? Here's why. The human body becomes used to poison and doesn't even notice it's presence. In-fact, it only registers the absence of poison, once the environment within has changed over to a toxic one. Meaning, when the flow of poison is slowed or stopped, you can bet your body will respond. Depending on the poison, an illness will show itself. One word is all we need here. TRANSITION. Slowly including more whole foods will help you on your journey toward health. Soon the healthy foods will not only feel better but you will actually taste them and enjoy them. Try giving a heroin addict a Tylenol with codeine. That's like an elephant feeling a mosquito bite! Slowly, but surely.

Your Body Has Been Hijacked By Corporate America!
Allow yourself to return to yourself. Your body has been hijacked by Corporate America! Take it back! Take your power back. Your health. Your health is not only your responsibility, it is your choice! Dr. Ted Mortor wrote a great book, years ago, called—"Your Health, Your Choice!" That is a truth. Your health is your choice. No more excuses. No more justifications. No more celebrations that poison you for three days. That's for teenagers. I was leaving Release the other night. It was a Monday night. There's a bar right down the street that I walk passed, on my way to my car. It's one of several bars in the neighborhood. Outside, smoking cigarettes, was a man and a woman. The woman was passionately expressing to the man something that seemed very heavy, "no, you don't understand, this is important to me." That's all I heard. She slurred her words, her eyes were glazed over and practically crossed from her evening of imbibing. It's monday night before nine o'clock! I thought, what are adults doing in bars on a monday night, getting hammered. Shouldn't they be home, blah, blah, blah. The woman had a gripe about something. And I'm thinking, go home! That should be important. Not some dramatic, drunken nonsense. I guess I feel that people waste their time seeking happiness where it is not. Bars are not where happiness lives. It lives in our hearts, when we're not intoxicated. Then I realized something. Life isn't for everyone how it is for me. I don't know what pain that woman might be in. What may have happened in her life. So who am I to judge. I know this, though. The answers to life's greatest challenges will never be found in a bar or just outside during a cigarette break. We can decrease our suffering, when we decrease that which perpetuates our suffering. Eating garbage, drinking booze, taking drugs, all work for the moment—to ease the pain of life, for a few hours. But these actions have a fallout effect. The fallout is toxic waste. Except this toxic waste is not only physical. What I'm talking about permeates our beings. Our thinking. Our perception. Our outlook on life is clouded by our choice to "live under the veil of the fiction" or the "fiction of indulgence," being our God given right. Join reality. When we decrease our poisonous intake we achieve so much. Eat healthy—think healthy—and you will feel healthy. Believe you can be healthy. YOU CAN! It is your choice.
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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