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Intuition Vs. Nutrition!

There is a common ground shared by the following vocations: Nutritionists, Dietitians, Doctors, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and so on. All believe that health is achieved by eating foods or combinations of foods, which are nutritionally balanced. Providing maximum support to the processes which maintain life. This theory gives not one thought to the residual effects of any given food, as it acts on the human organism. This explains the misunderstanding and exaggeration of certain foods as super-foods. Like oats. Oatmeal is considered the most perfect food. Especially if you've suffered a heart attack. You are advised to eat oatmeal as a protective, health providing food. All based on nutritional components found in this so-called super food.

Same Old Song
The human body reacts to every single substance that enters within. When this occurs, our body reacts in subtle or overt ways, depending on the chemical makeup of the substance. The physical response of our digestive system to a super-food such as oatmeal seems quite subtle, especially if the person eating it has eaten this way for many years. As we consume acidic food repeatedly, we simply create more and more mucus, which lines the tissue and impedes healthy function. One of the worst substances our body produces, is mucus. And yet its purpose is to protect. Mucus is one of the most misunderstood substances created by the human body—second only to GAS! Mucus contains no oxygen. Mucus is highly acidic, therefore poisonous to our tissue. It impedes the function of whatever organ it develops in. It dulls the vitality of the body when its presence becomes too much for us to maintain. Colds and most flu's are the result of too much mucus in the body. As I've said before, Influenza is something of a different nature than what is so easily diagnosed as a "flu." Not to beat a dead horse, but for an industry to survive and thrive to the level the medical "industry" has, there must be a steady and ever-growing dynamic of supply and demand, feeding the many different aspects of that machine. When a cold is suppressed the mucus is held within or prevented from being naturally expelled. The opposite function of the cold! The purpose of the cold is to raise the vitality by detoxifying the host of and overgrowth of this protective matter, which coincidentally is a highly poisonous substance. Just another example of a backwards or opposite explanation of a misunderstood component of health and sickness. The only acceptable version of a cold medicine I could imagine would be one that increases the activity of the cold, not suppresses it.

Should We Eat What We Are?
The results of nutrition based thinking or supplement theory is flawed and comes from a very fractionalized way of thinking. That by putting in the body through food or vitamin pills, health is attained. Because certain substances found in the body contribute to good health, we believe our food must be rich in those substances in order for us to maintain health. We are made up of almost all protein. Even though the body is seventy percent water, the tissue, bones, etc. are all composed of various kinds of proteins, all brought to every body through DNA. But that's for another post. We think because the human body is composed of protein, we should eat foods high in protein. When we consume animal protein, our liver is heavily taxed. As well as the entire system. This food is of the most sluggish and toxic of natural whole-foods. In digestion, the body has to dismantle the "concentrated protein." We are not amino-acids. All flesh is protein. Protein is composed of amino-acids. But flesh is the "realization" of those specific DNA strands. The information of the specific proteins, which are expressed as flesh are then protein. Think of concrete powder without water. Mix the two together and you have a result. A mixture that hardens and becomes cement. Amino acids are not necessarily always protein. But the building blocks. The human body is a chemical factory, so to speak. Our bodies do things without any input or conscious awareness from us. Functions so important and so minute that it boggles the mind when we try to consider the multitude of information needed for a simple and involuntary function like one of these involuntary functions—blood circulation, breathing or beating of the heart.

A Law Of Averages?
We can temporarily bolster the bloodstream with so-called healthy vitamins and minerals or eat super foods like oatmeal and broccoli or steak. Or whatever nonsensical ramblings the next "wonder" from "TV Land" comes up with. What everyone seems to completely ignore or almost not want to face is this. Oatmeal isn't a, natural whole food. It is a processed version of the oat grain. Raw oats are oats but cooked oats are not oats. The molecular structure is now different. It's now cooked oats. Broccoli can only be thought of as healthy when it is unprocessed or uncooked. Once heated, it is no longer natural broccoli. The molecular sequence or structure has been altered. I believe broccoli needs to be cooked well in order to be digestible. Just don't think it's important for your health. If you like it, eat it. The bloodstream remains consistently healthy and clean based on diet and activity. Health is about how we feel a lot more than the numbers. Besides, we are judged against an average result based on an overweight culture subsisting on processed foods. How does this determine real health.

Leave Your Surroundings Cleaner Than How You Found Them
A good concept to consider. . .
Changing the nature of a food through cooking is completely overlooked by the very people who base their entire theory on our need for nutritious elements from food to be healthy. The scientific fact that once a food is cooked everything about that food is different never enters the discussion. All food is augmented through the cooking process. Some foods, such as starch based foods need to heated in order to be consumed. The basis for my belief that all foods which need a process to happen in order for that food to be eaten, cannot be a natural food for humankind. The foundation of the theory of nutrition is based on the pristine nature of the so-called nutrients necessary for optimum human health. But, once cooked, the chemical change to the nutrients of all food is great. The vitality or life-force-energy is extinguished upon prolonged exposure to heat. Even raw foods lose this energy or life hours after they've been cut from the ground or tree. Yet much of the beneficial aspects of whole, raw foods are more or less unchanged. These plant based foods not only DO NOT leave behind a poisonous residue, they cleans up old residue from the pas. Nature is perfect. Think of early humankind. Hunting and gathering from almost the very beginning of our existence. Making a kill happened infrequently. Meat was the meal once every four weeks or so. In between the meals of raw, unprocessed flesh, we ate leaves, fruits, berries, some nuts and seeds. Clearing the resultant mucus and residue, which is present in the human body when taking animal flesh. Clearing the way of refuse for the next kill.

Every Action Has A Reaction—Except In Our Bodies?
We didn't see a separation between us and nature. Now it seems like we do see ourselves as separate, or perhaps above it all. We are just as natural as an bird or a fish. Yet no animal in nature relies on any science other than the innate science which drives all life. The inexplainable energy that fuels our bodies to "run." To breathe, pump blood and do all the "things" our bodies do, just to keep us alive. Think of this. Every single thing that enters our bodies affects us and creates a reaction. Even when we hold on to a subtle amount of waste in our digestive and elimination systems, our body is expending energy to maintain that situation. Be it gas, mucus or crap. All are poisonous and all, in varying degrees will block the body's natural ability to create and distribute all the necessary elements for our thriving survival. Therefore, we become exhausted over time repeating the same habits each day. Never putting two and two together. Then something happens. An illness strikes or you doctor says something one day and you realize, "I'm not really taking care of this machine at all!" You realize if you were a car you would have stopped running years ago. And why not? You never even once had you damn oil changed! When was the last time you had a tune-up? You get the point. We create the state or performance of our body through the fueling process. Obviously, DNA creates our body. DNA is not etched in stone or inalterable. Just because I was born with a predisposition or weakness in my neurological system and "Grand mal seizures were the result, doesn't mean permanence. When I lived in a way that was completely incongruous to health, poisoning my bloodstream in many ways, I needed to be medicated. To avoid suffering more seizures, risking brain damage. I changed how I ate and lived differently. And soon my need for medication (the illusion of healing) disappeared.

Two Sides To Every Story
Some would argue that I altered my genetic code. To make such a statement I want you to know this: I understand the enormity of DNA. I am not suggesting that I've altered the same coding that would determine species, of course. Just subtle changes which can determine strength or weakness in function—not structure. I now live free of all illness since becoming vegan, fifteen years ago. I've been free of my "seizure-disorder" for nineteen years. I also suffered from Allergies to everything air-born, seasonal, animal related, etc. I suffer from nothing today. Oh, don't let me forget, I gave up my daily practice of consuming countless vitamin pills and magic shakes for my health, right around the same I began to discover a simpler more logical approach to health. You decide. Oh, remember this? "Take care of the organs below the belly-button and the organs above will take care of themselves." Hippocrates—our first physician. We must consider the entire journey our food takes when we consider its health benefits or detractors. I'm sure there are things packed with vitamins or minerals that also contain overt poisons that we know and avoid. Why then is it okay to take in super-nutritious foods that are subtly poisonous. Devitalizing us over years of repeated use. Striving for health, many of us unknowingly achieve the opposite. Change your course. Steer your boat toward logical health. Not some scientific mumbo-jumbo that only the human species needs to be healthy.

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