Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Mother Of Intention

There is a finite number of colors in the universe. We've managed to make millions of colors by rearranging pigments in various ways. We learned also that by rearranging molecules of most things we can come up with "new" things. Plastic comes from this molecular science. This is most fascinating and quite interesting. We can take anything in the world, analyze it, rearrange it, recreated it, call it something, move on to the next "creation." We are smart. We do have the capacity to understand just about anything. We understand things, scientifically speaking, to such depth and detail, it is astounding! Except for damaging ourselves and the environment with some of the creations and advancements we whip-up. So we took this concept of rearranging molecules and applied it to food. Look at all the variety! Really, the variety is variations on the same theme. All or most of the variety is soybeans and corn, made to look like "other things." The science of color is very interesting. When red fabric is made, the dye used for the fabric has all the pigment molecules in it, but the red. So red hovers or is attracted to that fabric. So we see not the full spectrum of color, but the only color not included. This was explained to me by a master printer, studying this strange science.

Soycorn! Just Like Mom Used To Make It!
When we rearrange our food molecules we find we can make many tastes and textures, which make-up a great many of the seemingly different varieties of foods available at the super-markets. So we can rearrange corn and soy molecules till we whip-up a cow! Or worse yet, Tofurkey! We make these things we call food and feed our children with augmented particles which once belonged to a body or family of molecules. On the surface, our bodies don't react too badly. Our bodies seem to handle, with little or no trouble these "cartoon character, super-tasty, time-released, life shorteners! These things we call food don't even resemble anything real in nature. Just look at the cereals we manufacture. I read something recently that was brilliant. We should eat foods that come from plants. Not foods made in plants. I love the play on words, if you haven't noticed. Thanks, Jamo! The human being is a self powered machine. Living in perfect sync with itself and therefore nature. Factories don't make food, they make disease!

The Forest And The Trees!
Like the green slime that grows from moisture everywhere on this earth, we are that. We're just a bit more advanced. Our bodies, up-close, look very complicated and looks as if it needs great understanding for it to function correctly. Like the directions that come with electronic devices, computers, etc. There are volumes of information about your computer you need to know, so as to operate it safely and effectively. Our bodies are like computers and we need to know even more about every detail to fully comprehend and do the absolute best we can for our health and survival. Right? I don't really think so. I think the reason we need to study the instruction manuals for our "toys" is, they're complicated and require the user to understand what the essence and nature of the machine is in order for us to get the most out of the gadget. Okay, that makes sense. Shouldn't we know even more about every microscopic detail of every cell in the body? Dare I say no? I am not saying knowledge, deep knowledge of the human body isn't vital to repaire damage. Or understanding how this or that illness occurs for prevention, of course. Sure, I can accept that. But when you look at the rest of the creatures inhabiting this earth, which are far less intelligent than we! Where are their doctors? Surgeons? Dentists? Personal trainers? Nutritionists? Psychotherapists? Spiritual teachers? This is somewhat silly. I know. But for the purposes of this point, please indulge me. Animals have no need for any of this because they are at one, entirely with nature therefore the now. They need no pointers to truth. They are truth.

We Think—Therefore We Are Nuts!
Our greater understanding of life is both a beautiful blessing and a damning curse! We think, therefore we are nuts! We can think ourselves into insomnia or out of sleep, every single night. Because we understand so much. Or simply believe that "things" need our thinking. The gift of thought is wonderful. The gift of intelligence is absolutely beautiful and powerful. When put to good use. We sin, miss the point of the whole as we dissect, with precision, the essence of human nature. You cannot separate us from ourselves or nature. You cannot look at parts of the body and expect to understand the whole. Like food—left alone, it is perfect. The food which grows is perfect. It doesn't need to be modified. Add a little yellow to red and we start to move toward orange. Add blue to red and we start to move toward violet. No harm in augmenting color to suite our needs. No harm in "understanding" these details. They say "necessity is the mother of invention." Today we must acknowledge that revenue/profit is the mother of invention. What is the mother of intention? This is a new question I'd like to pose. Why create something? What does blind creation/intention get us? More plastic? More candy? More chips? More dips? More toothpaste? More soda? More illness.

Capitalism? Or Planned Obsolescence?
When you really look into this modern way of life, it's kind of silly. We'll never improved on the tree or the flower. We've never tried. Nor should we. I'm sure somewhere, someone thinks they can. This is why humans find themselves almost being phased out of nature. We are phasing ourselves out. What to do with these needling, busy-bodies, creating mind-numbing, foods and products, which serve one master, CAPITALISM! Which in turn leads to disease. I'm not saying capitalism leads to disease. Making products we don't need and convincing the people they do, is part of capitalism. Apply that concept to food and viola! Disease. No real difference here. Is there? If you're sick, you'll need some money. Well of course you can't afford to pay the geniuses who know nothing about everything. So you'll need coverage. [That is a separate issue.] Yet creating food feeds capitalism. Convincing people they need the very foods they DO NOT—is kind of EVIL! Illness or the treatment thereof, feeds capitalism. That is fact. Can you see why there will always be poisons for our "pleasures." We need to arm ourselves with a protective coat of armor known as KNOWLEDGE!

A Couple Of Naive Ideas For Your Consumption!
Can't we just change what's not working for us? We change everything else in this world. Why not the system? Do medical fees need to be so high? What great healing is being dispensed in those little pill bottles? If everything were more affordable, we wouldn't need to rely, so heavily on insurance companies. Doctors can still make a good living. Even helping people to heal would become profitable. Here's another silly idea; why not give people the truth about health. Why not show people the best way to maintain their health so they rely on themselves instead of "the system." We wouldn't have a "health-care crisis" if we showed people how to keep themselves healthy. To empower people would mean they wouldn't tax an already weak system. Our mad-scientists rearrange molecules, which were perfect to begin with, to create yet another tasty bullet. This slowly sickens and kills people. If you don't believe that statement, think about this. Think about how many times you heard people developing cancer when you were a child. If you're in your forties, you heard this a lot less often than you hear it today. Today, cancer has become too damn common. Murder is illegal. Why is it legal to slowly kill people? Especially when they are sick and we treat them with more poison. Why are we so enamored with poison. With enough "doubt" supplied by so-called "experts," the folks that want the pleasure, no matter what the cost, will fight to defend the lies that kill them. This is proven by the existence of "The Atkins Diet." Which is still be advertised on TV.
Be Well.
Tom DeVito

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