Friday, January 15, 2010

Detox Your Mind Your Body Will Thank You.

The kids today! With the fire and wheel! Everybody wants to walk erect! This is how you walk.—Bill Maher

On the topic of that particular line, which everyone above a certain age will utter, "The kids today!" In that spirit, it seems as if so many of us are interested in the concept detoxification. I'm often asked which cleanse I like best. I'm often surprised by the programs people call "cleanses." Sometimes I'm surprised by the fact that non-food is often used to "cleanse" the tissue. Or because some programs actually use foods which are very much not cleansing. What I'd like to share today is the notion of detoxification as a holistic concept. As we all become aware of the stagnation in the physical body we should also consider the importance of detoxifying our thoughts. How the hell does one go about that? Simply put, STOP THINKING ABOUT YESTERDAY! We are beginning to understand the need to cleanse that which hangs around long after we've eaten certain foods. Why? Because, as the residue lingers, it poisons the tissue and the bloodstream and eventually the cells. When we remove this toxic waste in the forms of gas, poop and mucus, we immediately feel freer, lighter, clearer in the mind. We also feel less pressure in the head. Less bloated. We replace sluggishness with a skip in our step. Okay, maybe we're not skipping and should be thankful for that. It may, however contribute to lightening up the mood in our crazy world. Imagine if everyone skipped, happily instead of plodding to work, drearily.

Let Go! See What Happens!
If we hold on to everything we do and think. Then how can we free up for new experiences and new thoughts and ideas? As we get a glimpse of what it feels like to free the body of old waste, old energy, old gunk, we may put two and two together. "Hey, wait a minute," we might say to ourselves. "I'm in a better mood!" Or "it is easier to maintain a better state of mind." This is fairly common. I find it most interesting. Now, I know there are people in this field and out that would flatly disagree. To that I say, "Who cares?" I know this to be true because I live it and lived prior to detoxification. Do I believe that detoxification heals emotional issues? No. Emotions are thoughts becoming physical. So we help the process or awaken things. But history is history. And we do love our history. We go over and over things, to the point of insanity. Why? Because we think our story's are our lives. Not so. When we die our story does not. Yet, stories do not exist, except for in the mind as thought form. As we begin to reverse stagnation in our bodies we start to feel different things, including feelings we may not have felt for a long time or ever before. So here we are trying to do something simple like detoxify our bodies. Why does all this other stuff have to happen? Because you are not just physical. As I've stated in many other pieces, we are physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic. And that's what we know so far.

Energy From A Can Or The Universe?
Because we are finite but possess, for this moment, infinite energy. Meaning, the energy which animates, which is life. Life force energy. This is universal energy and does not come from a can of RED BULL. What word is missing from this concoction? I'll give you one guess. Bulls _ _ t!

This energy comes from the universe and enters through the body through our Pineal Gland. No guys, the Pineal is not located below the waste. It is in-fact located in the head. Still, the way we choose to live in this world does determine how we feel. Also, how well we live. Are we sick frequently or hardly at all? There are some folks that are sick often with little colds and such. These people are better off than those who never get sick but live without caring for their bodies, minds and souls. So many times we hear "poor guy—never sick a day in his life! Now he's got 6 months to live!" Never sick a day in his life? Or was the body so toxic that the strength to cleanse (colds, flu's, etc) simply wasn't there. So sickness was there waiting to pounce. Cancer is an opportunistic disease. When the body is sufficiently low in oxygen and vitality, cancer happens. Cancer cells multiply without the knowledge that as they multiply and outnumber the healthy cells, the cancer cells kill themselves by killing the whole body, ultimately.

I Repeat Myself When Under Stress! I Repeat Myself When Under Stress!
A line from a King Crimson song called "Elephant Talk."

This has to do with our thinking, how? Cancer cells do what they do. Like us. We do what we do. We think, therefore we are. We are not our thoughts. We are not our thoughts. We are not our thoughts. Was that annoying? We do something similar when we think [I can't believe he/she said that to me]. We think our lives away. Thinking past the only thing which really exists. . . NOW! Thinking is great. I love to think. I too suffer from thinking about the past, the potential future and so many other meaningless endeavors of the mind. To be in this moment is the key to letting go of all other thoughts. Thoughts from the past are the essence of giving something which no longer exists, life. I'm not saying all events of the past are insignificant. I'm saying they are over and done with. So give your mind a colonic! Change the channel, like I do when "Weekend At Bernie's 6" is on HBO for the trillionth time! We make new and different choices as we embark on this new way of eating and cleansing. We choose whole-grains over white bread or we choose fruit in the morning over cereal and milk. Or we choose veggies with our chicken instead of rice. Why not stop punishing yourself with those old (dead) experiences. Why don't we do the same with the positive experiences we've had in life? Probably, because we'd never shut-up about them and this would annoy people, greatly. Stop and think of that one. Most people not only don't mind the constant retelling of tragic or dramatic but nonetheless negative experiences. We say we don't like whiners while listening to our coworkers all day long. Never telling them "alright already! SHUT THE HELL UP!" As we would be told if we constantly boasted about the home-run we hit in little league just a short twenty years ago. Or our children's births. Or receiving some award for something great you achieved. People will allow us to talk about it for a while. But will put an end to it after two or three days. Why? Because who wants to hear about someone else's glory and great achievements? Most people are much happier hearing about your hell! It's easier. Do you get this? We are conditioned to speak of gloom over and over again. Just stop that annoying bragging! The joy! Ugh! Enough is enough with all this greatness and positivity. Yet go to work and talk about your hellish relationship that you just can't seem to get away from, or stay at that job you've hated for years and complain about it all day long. Few will try to stop you, but instead will join in, give feedback, critique and even advise. They'll try to solve problems for you and even help you by thinking about your problems for a while. After all, we can't spend every minute of the day at the bar, dowsing our sorrows in booze. Or stuffing ourselves with poison to dull the pain of our own hell. Why not focus on other people's hell?

For How Long Would You Be Willing To Keep A Dead Pet?
Why do we protect this poison? Why do we defend our past and try to keep it alive? I don't think I can answer that question. I do believe it is an addiction. Like most addictions, we get stuck on the things that cause or contribute to our demise. Food, thought, relationships, sex, drugs & alcohol. The list goes on but those are the main addictions of life. Not necessarily in that order. We are detoxifying our WHOLE selves. You put your whole self in. You put your whole self out. You put your whole self in and you shake it all about. . . That's what it's all about! To attempt to change just one aspect or plane of yourself is like trying to comb one hair or brush just one tooth while avoiding the others. We cannot separate ourselves from ourselves. If we could induce amnesia, we would still be alive. Just a blank slate. Sort of like the movie, "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind." Where a doctor was able to remove certain memories, which were too painful for the individual to hold. And all along we've always had the power. We do, NOW! We just believe we don't. We believe we are destined to relive our hell, over and over again. As if the story will change for the better. Often it only worsens. Or becomes exaggerated. So allow yourself a moment or two to detoxify your mind and soul while polishing the fenders of your beautiful chassis! The engine and the interior as well as the exterior of the car are equally important. Think about it. We are human beings. All parts make the whole!
Be Well.
Tom DeVito

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