Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vita Verde! Oh the green life!

Why would anyone in their right mind want to live this way? That's an actual question posed to me by a stranger, at dinner, while I was on vacation. This is a point of view from a lot of people. In some ways this is a valid question. This approach to living is not easy, especially socially. If you are on a cleansing diet, for some reason people that aren't, just don't get it. Most of the time as I am quietly eating my meal, people will ask questions. They sometimes ask questions as if I am eating this way just to piss them off! It seems that when one of us begins to take care of ourselves, it shines a light on those around us that are not. Even though we are doing this for ourselves, other's may take it personally. Now, we find ourselves in many different situations where food is the "main attraction" as the cause for celebration is coordinated around the meal. Food becomes the celebration. Still, we overdo it and haven't figured out that these occasions act like time released traps for us. We over indulge on "things" we make and call food, we indulge in drink, and for the moment we are okay. What follows in the days and weeks and eventually years is one of the biggest problems we humans face. WE DON'T GET IT! THE FOOD WE EAT IS OUR FUEL! THE QUALITY OF FUEL DETERMINES HOW WELL THE ENGINE RUNS! Why is humanity currently facing the biggest health care crisis in modern history? Because too many of us think it's okay to poison ourselves, day after day, year after year, then we are surprise when the doctor tells us we are in trouble. We are often mislead by the printed word in magazines and newspapers. The information conflicting and designed to confuse, which of course creates dependency on the media or "health professionals" for this great knowledge. Has any of it every really worked, long term? We all know the answer to that one. NO! We face the biggest health care crisis because we don't really care about our health. We say we do, but say things like, "I'm not giving up this or that. I love it too much, besides, I don't want to restrict myself from anything in life, that's not living." Or "I want to live life to the fullest!" Think about it. What are we doing when we turn away from junk food and begin to eat healthy? Are we punishing ourselves? Or are we rewarding ourselves? Here's one way to look at this phenomenon. The common celebration has most of us getting smashed and stuffed. Just look at the words used to describe our celebrations. I didn't make them up, just repeating what I've heard over the years. We can do something different like, eating something healthy and leaving feeling great, alive, satisfied! Even if we choose to sip an alcoholic beverage, we do so in moderation so we aren't poisoning ourselves to the degree that we used to. Far from it.
Questions arise from people that haven't lived on a cleansing diet, such as these, "how can you live like that?" "Why would you want to live this way?" And one of my favorites is, "don't you get tired of eating the same thing, over and over again?" To which I respond, "Oh yeah, beef, chicken or fish, with potato, rice or pasta! Wow! Talk about variation. Try making the same salad twice. To the unenlightened, and I use this term playfully, meaning the inexperienced, "why would you live like this?" The implication is that you are punishing or depriving yourself of "the good things in life." Ever notice the good things in life are often booze, candy, steak dinners & creme bule'? I think when we are celebrating life, we should do right by ourselves, this would be consistent with the concept of celebration. The big celebration mentality becomes the mode of thinking on a daily basis. Meaning, we pay the bills, we have a cookie. We clean the house, we have a piece of cake, etc. If we can change this way of thinking, we may begin to reward ourselves with life affirming treats. Things that contribute to life rather than detract from the quality of life itself.

Human beings love to celebrate and celebrate we do! Why not? We pull out all the stops. "It's my birthday, I deserve this steak and those fries!" "I just got a promotion, I'm going to get hammered!" It's our anniversary, bring on the wine and chocolate!" You get the picture? We celebrate life while somehow diminishing the light of our life. We stuff our spongy insides with material that sticks to our insides and clogs us, robbing us of our vitality and speeding up the aging process. We celebrate milestones, achievements and plateaus by doing the very things that shorten our lives. Lets stop kidding ourselves! The Atkin's Diet clearly didn't work for anyone. In fact, take a look at the spike in cancer victims during the reign of that ridiculous fad. What I'm getting at is, we know, deep down that we need to not indulge in all the "finer things in life" too often, so we can be the healthiest we can for the time we are here.
The way to free ourselves from the bonds of industrialized medicine, is to eat human food, cleanse our bodies of accumulated waste and continually replenish our bodies with clean burning fuel. We talk about living "green" these days. Which points to industry and decreasing pollution on earth an so on. Human beings are of this earth. We are a lot like it in may ways. The earth is more than 70% water and so are we. We've heard this a million times. Think about it. How can humanity shift its consciousness, collectively on a macro level, if we aren't shifting our diets and thinking on a micro level. We need to first live "green" microcosmically, before we can do so macrocosmically! Otherwise we will be living in conflict with the very goals we're setting for ourselves. If we continue to depend on meat & dairy as our daily intake, we can never live "green" macrocosmically. Because that industry is directly in opposition to a "green" way of life. It takes one hundred gallons of water to raise one pound of chopped beef. That same amount of water produces a hundred pounds of produce, while not destroying the earth and clearing our most important species on the planet, trees. This is done to provide space for cattle to feed. Enormous amounts of energy is wasted and so is land and life for this erroneous and outdated way of life. It's time to move on.

Rapidly, the diet world changes depending on the newest fashion/obsessions and whims of hollywood & media. We often see hosts of miracle cures offered in fancy packaging. Promising to rid of us of all that is wrong with our lives. As if it's all about cellulite or belly fat! Life is far more involved than that. We want to feel good. We want to look good and somehow maintain our youthful appearance, while not living like a "monk." We want to sustain our planet in a healthier way so that we have a place to live that will sustain us for generations to come. We want to enjoy life, we want to live a long and healthy & happy life. We are all starting to see that this cannot work if we continue to live in denial. Slowly people are more willing to take on aspects of a healthy lifestyle. People are turning to alternative health for healing and well being. This is a major and positive shift in human consciousness. This is beautiful. People are "waking up" in many ways and we're taking control in a peaceful and mindful way, for our health and our planet. We know that the medical industry serves a purpose for trauma and acute illness. We are also realizing that drugs DO NOT MAKE US HEALTHY. They can help for a short period but will bring another illness or problem to the individual taking the drugs for wellness. As I said before, the drugs can help but are not for long term wellness. If we can prevent death with a drug, great! However, the fuel we take is far more important to our health than an inorganic chemical, which is a poison, can ever be. There is a better way. We are moving toward this better way. The information I write here is free for everyone to take and try for themselves. I am selling nothing. Try some of these approaches and see if it works for you. You will be surprised at how much discomfort you thought you had to live with but simply don't. We all can live symptom and illness free. We can all be Independently Healthy! Okay, I promise I'll try to not overuse that phrase. :) Peace & love, Tom

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