Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Tragedy of Nutrition!

The title is not mine. I stole or borrowed it from Professor Arnold Ehret. Who used it as a title for a chapter of a book. For those of you not familiar with his work, he wrote "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" & "Rational Fasting," among other publications. These books were published in the very early 1900's. His most important work, "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" was published in 1922. He passed away just before the book was published. He was invited by an audience member of his lecture to further discuss his concepts and theories at a nearby restaurant. He stepped off a curb, slipped on a something slippery and suffered a basal fracture. He never made it to a hospital and passed away on the spot. This was a tragedy as I'm sure he would have brought more enlightening information on the subject of human health. I believe his work and research is still, to this day, unsurpassed. I feel it's necessary to talk about this man because his philosophy makes up the foundation of my belief on health, longevity & vitality.
As Professor Ehret states in all his publications, there is no way to find health in a pill bottle, the vitamin stores, or within the foods we eat! There are so many ways to prove that true health & vitality will never be found this way. As we look deeper into this approach of stuffing our bodies with "elements" or "nutrients" that are supposed to raise the vitality, therefore the vibration of human consciousness. We will see that this way is impossible! Imagine a dog pooping on a rug in a house. The only way to handle this is to first remove the poop, then clean the rug, then apply something to remove any residual stench. Not just pour carpet freshener or carpet cleaner on the poop. Maybe that example is a stretch, but what the hell, it paints a picture to demonstrate this elusive situation which plagues the collective health movement. The environment within any given person's body is primarily the issue. NOT THE QUALITY OF THE FOOD! Which is why most people not living on a cleansing diet don't enjoy some of the fresh foods available. These foods create discomfort in people. Or do they? Why do fruits make some people feel uncomfortable? Why do some people feel almost repulsed by the very mention of vegetables or fresh, wholesome foods? Because they know what they feel when they eat them. These foods taste bad to people whose PH is more acidic than it is alkaline. I'm using this idea loosely, here. Meaning, if a person eats lots of acidic foods, the healthy alkaline foods will invariably feel unpleasant to them. "It's like holy water on Linda Blair in the exorcist" explains Gil Jacobs. They feel their stomach turn or the guts rumble, or they go running for the toilet for a very unpleasant experience. Why them? Why not those living on a cleansing diet? They haven't changed the interior or environment within their body's. If a room is filled with flammable objects and we are trying to make the room safe, we need to remove the flammable objects. Right? This applies in the same way. If we want to raise the quality of food, the criteria in which this is based, is entirely on the PH, digestibility, and elimination of the foods in question, we must first clean house! By removing the old waste, mucous and gas, we find that fresh fruits and vegetable are far more agreeable to our system. The proof is palpable! You will feel the difference. When I was first embarking on this path of living on a cleansing diet I would drink fresh vegetable juice and always feel as though I was coming down with a cold, half way through every juice I drank! This was a bit disheartening and confusing. With time, as I cleansed more and more, the juices felt different. In fact, now and for a very long time, drinking a juice is akin to drinking life! It awakens every cell in the body. Or at least feels that way.
Keep in mind the old cliche', which I'll say my own way for the purpose of this blog; life's journey is the journey and the arrival happening simultaneously. We should strive to arrive everyday to the present moment, and know that "life moves." The universe can be viewed in so many ways but we can all agree on the fact that nothing in life is permanent. Especially the physical. Change is what life is all about. Accepting this fact can radically alter things for the positive in each of us. As you move through this lifestyle change, remember this; if the healthy foods are not work for you at this moment, they will later on as you detoxify your interior environment. Meaning, your tissue (organs), bloodstream and cells. The so called "good stuff" will no longer bring you discomfort. Don't get discouraged. Especially if you've not cleansed your bowels thus far! The process of bowel cleansing is vital to restoring your health and to safely and effectively ease the transition from the old way to the new way, therefore detoxify . It seems silly that we'd have to learn chemistry to eat properly. So don't get lost in the "tragedy if nutrition" for there are many roads within that mindset that can lead a person in 20 directions at once. Until you have experienced the power of deep tissue cleansing and raw, unprocessed foods, this cannot be fully understood. What I'm saying is, we've all tried to find health in a substance or by doing or taking something that promises miraculous health, only to find it simply doesn't work. Getting back to basics and putting our attention and focus on equalling the meals we eat with the same number of bowel movements we have per day, will show us there is little more to think about. I do not mean to suggest that supplements of many different kinds aren't helpful to those of us that need assistance or "crutches" to aid us through illness or a tough transition, but that that method is not the goal, but a means to reach our goal, which is to become. . . Independently Healthy! One way to know if we are healthy is often overlooked. HOW DO I FEEL? This lifestyle should bring simplicity and calm to our lives, not make us obsessive. One might read my blogs and say that I am obsessive. My response to that is "Obsessive to whom?" I believe that if we want health & happiness we need to be what is now, quite unfortunately thought upon as a "health nut." Why bother taking care of the things WE use if we don't take care of the one that uses them?
I hope this helps as you embark on this amazing journey, which may have some difficult moments. Just accept those moments for exactly what they are. Information. Use it to advance yourself and the human species. Peace & love, Tom

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