Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pirate Robots Are Taking Over!

First off I must apologize for being away for so long. I've been up to my ears in home improvement work. A lot has happened since I last wrote. We are now almost 3 months into the worst oil spill in history. The environmental damage is still impossible to understand. We can certainly see our beach fronts are slowly being destroyed bringing untold loss of wild life and the ecology. Economically speaking most of these beach towns are in trouble because beaches are the main attraction.

While our fresh water supply hasn't been effected our planet has taken a major hit. This is something we did not bring upon ourselves. This was hoisted upon us by big business. This happened and continues to happen because BP says so. The U.S. government has leased this country to whomever wants a piece of it to do whatever they please. So long as money is being made. Our policy in this country is: if you can make money here, we want you. We don't care what it does to the land, water or the people. Just as long as money is being made. In fact, you can see this is at the base of all right-wing rhetoric. The right only cares when money is at stake. Notice how they are not getting all patriotic about BP being a non-American company.

Lets take a moment to look at what is happening inland. We don't really have "organic" produce anymore. The U.S. lawmakers have made sure of that. You do know that produce is grown organically by organic farmers. But, once picked the produce can be dipped in plutonium if the company pleases. Still the company is allowed to print "Organic" on the label. Once again we are dealing with illusion and not reality.

We are also in the middle of Monsanto, the chemical giant, pushing their alfalfa on farmers across the country. They've already monopolized soy and corn and through those crops they've virtually destroyed the soil and continue to do so. Growing this kind of food doesn't replenish the soil. It leaves the soil lacking in vital nutrients, therefore no matter what we grow, the food will be compromised. Genetically modified foods damage the soil and cannot re-pollinate. This is the kind of thing that convinces me that the real people of the U.S. aren't you and me, its the dollar bill. I'm not being dreamy by simply stating we should think just a little bit about what we do to the very ground we grow our foods in. The ground we walk on. Or the cement just above the ground.

What Is The Shelf-Life Of A Human?
We should stop thinking about shelf life and start thinking about our lives. We have a shelf life. Doesn't it make sense that if we grew healthier food, we'd live longer, work longer, live fuller? CONTRIBUTE MORE! Profit is important for this country to survive, but we've raised the bar-line way too high. Meaning, we've allowed the corporations to dictate our quality of life! It should be the other way around. We shouldn't be at the mercy of these companies. They should operate according to our wishes. Well, that's a laugh. And is most definitely dreamy. From my perspective, I'd rather give up the option to grow foods organically and get back to growing real food. Then we can expand to not using deadly chemicals. Just a thought.

Greedy Machines
We are being ruled by greedy machines. Or our machines are being programmed by greedy people. There is logic to a large company wanting to make a profit and doing what they can to do so. But when the cost of production actually destroys the medium used to make your product. . . UH DUH! How about a little revamp! A reshuffling of the deck perhaps? The U.S. government should step in on gigantor companies and force them to sell off divisions of the companies to "specialized" smaller companies. This way the monopoly begins to break and then real people will have a say—a choice. No "one" or for that matter "organization" is large enough to fight Monsanto. They are like a government, themselves. There should be a law that dictates how large a corporation can grow. I know that's kind of silly and won't happen. But doesn't it make some sense? I don't want to hand over that kind of power to the government. But what else is there?

Our last topic: Bottled water.
Here's a hot topic. Everyone needs water. Industry, development, over-population all contribute to our water supply being negatively effected. Tap water just isn't what it used to be. I have some friends that would argue. They would argue that NY tap water is "the cleanest in the world!" Indeed it is. However, our pipes aren't so clean. This can be said for most of the world. Imagine the pipes in Europe! I filter my shower at home and my water system at Release NYC, is quadruple filtered. When I change the filters I can see just how "clean" our water is. The source is awesome. What the water travels through to get to your tap is more the problem.

Pipes—The Subway System For Water
What do we do about our pipes? We don't drink that water. Okay, most of us don't drink it. Everywhere you look, people are carrying fancy bottles of water with them. And of course each brand has its pitch as to why they're the best. Which one is environmentally sound. Which is more alkaline. And the qualifications go on and on. For me, water that is alkaline and doesn't contribute to the polluting the planet, is the way to go. I drink Iceland water. It's alkalinity is 8.8! They have a clean record and the water is crisp and delicious. One small problem with the bottled water industry. MONEY! Have you realized how much more expensive water is than gasoline! Well for the time being. Wait until our oceans are filled with BP's oil. This may change. We are controlled by the very industry we created! Water is around $2.00 per 50 ounces. Think about that compared to gasoline!

Much like building robots and programing them to assist us—somehow they start to teach themselves, then they slowly take over. Okay, maybe that's happening for real. We created industry. Which is: mass production of products. Mass consumption of products. Boom! A thriving economy. Because we can build a machine to to build anything, we manufacture nonsense and force feed it to the people. This is why food and water are at the highest level of piracy in this country today.
Monsanto is a pirate. All the food and water companies are pirates. No eye patches. No peg legs. In fact, these pirates are well dressed and smooth talking. They're here to enhance your life. Not hurt you. Yeah, uh huh. Right.

A Look Ahead
I wrote today to get the juices flowing again. There's a lot to talk about. I wanted to touch on some of the areas we should be talking about. I'm not trying to say these are the talking points, but for me, food, water and our environment are good places to start. I hope to be doing more. I am determined to post video footage on youtube, as well. Stay tuned. Talk to your friends that don't know about some of the things we are aware of. Suggest to your loved ones they eat whole foods before processed. That they avoid eating soy, corn and all GMO's. Try to find alternatives to the few choices remaining. Filter your water if the cost of buying it is prohibitive.

Hang in there. I believe we will be okay. Maybe we have to let the drone corpo pirates learn for themselves—one simple lesson. For your company to succeed, the soil must be healthy and the people that consume your product should stay alive long enough to consume your products and make your company profitable. Kill the soil and you kill the people. Kill the people with your product. . . viola! The corporation dies? Are we the food supply for corporations? Starve the company? No! This is not the answer. Boycott GMO's and mainstream food production companies. Stick to locally grown (if you can) and eat whole, healthy naturally occurring foods. And remember, JUST SAY "NO WAY" TO MONSANTO!
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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