Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Food Of Man!

I've written about Professor Arnold Ehret in recent posts. The revolutionary book, "The Mucusless Diet Healing System," written in 1922, begins the first lesson with this statement. "Every disease, no matter what name it is known by Medical Science, is CONSTIPATION!" Professor Ehret continues on this track throughout his life's work. His belief was that as we clog the entire "pipe system" of the human body with unnatural foods and poor combination's at every meal, we eventually cause a back-up of the tubes. From the rectum to the stomach. This is a concept I have studied throughout the years and experienced from. . . shall I say, all ends. What I know to be true, by living the concepts and practicing them in my life, is still known by few people. This book is now eighty-eight years old. For me, nothing has ever been written to improve or refute this great knowledge.

A Path Of Destruction
Applying this idea to our way of life, today leaves us in an interesting place. Way back in the days of Professor Ehret, people ate something then thatwe rarely eat, today—FOOD! Be it overcooked meats or even starchy vegetables or grains—the human diet, with some exceptions was made-up of mostly naturally occurring foods. Excluding the obvious processed foods that have been with us for a while—bread, cheese, pasta, desserts, etc. Today, we eat foods that are fortified with the nutrients we beat out of our soil! Today, we design food for maximum shelf life and nutrition. We color, preserve, shape, craft, CREATE "things" we call food. Sorry, Charlie! "We want tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste!" That was a TV ad for Starkist tuna. We've always marketed food. We put our money in the wrong places. We don't reinvest in the agriculture system. We never consider doing something good for the soil we use to grow our food. Instead, we continue on a path of destruction. Devitalizing the soil, till there's nothing left for the fruits and vegetables and grains! These foods are not even at half the nutritional value of what they were in the days of the great Arnold Ehret! He talks of the "modern diet!" What would he think now?

Man: The creator?
Man makes food. Man makes illness. Simple. Man makes chemicals. Man eats chemicals. Man makes new cancers. Man genetically modifies foods for improvement. Man genetically creates new disease. Man makes "things" in large amounts, because he can. Man makes problems too big to be solved. Man never looks ahead and considers how their actions effect others. Man finds himself declaring "Earth day," to force awareness on something that has been absurdly overlooked. Taking care of our home! Why is this so foreign to us? I'm using the word man for human kind, of course. They say it's a man's world. Maybe using "man" is more accurate. Just a thought. Once again I ask the question: just because we can do something or make something, does that mean we should?

Turn Around—Take A Look At What You've Done!
The food of man barely resembles food. The foods our bodies evolved from. We no longer have a natural connection to the earth or our environment. We live under artificial light in artificial air and rarely walk barefoot on the planet. So our concepts have changed. Our views of food have changed. We're so busy "doing," we never stop and be. We do so much, all the time that we don't ever stick around long enough to ascertain the results of our actions. The food of man is a perfect example. Just because kids like blue cereal or enjoy sweet tastes doesn't mean we should poison our children with our own stupidity. Or is it laziness? It seems we prefer to just soothe children and ourselves rather than deal with or work through issues. So what if little Johnny and Mary like Sugar Smacks! That makes them happy. Yes, perhaps. But this is what we are building our children from. Imagine what the human race will look like five-hundred years from now. Eating the same garbage we call food. We will most certainly be dieing younger. We will grow to sizes unfathomable to us, now. We already have XXL, XXXL, XXXXL sizes in our clothing stores. Soon, anyone under four-hundred pounds will be considered "FIT!" We'll shop in for tents instead of clothes.

Construction, Destruction, What's Your Function!
The food of man is the food of earth. Not the food of what man makes from earth. We all need to go back to basics and eat FOOD! Not things! Not creations. Or abominations! No good will ever come from the current diet of humanity, today. We all know this, but chance and gamble with our very lives. That's what is known as freedom of choice. Perhaps if we were just gluttonous with natural foods, we'd be in better shape. Instead, we gorge ourselves on chemical representations of a lost idea. The lost idea is what our earth once produced. Think that's far-fetched? Eat a commercially grown tomato. What the hell is that crap? We eat chemical "models" of items not produced by our mother earth. We eat our madness! We eat our insanity! My question, of course is, would we be mad if we never ate outside of our natural diet. Would constipation even exist as an issue for us? Would mucus be anything more than protection? Try removing non-food from your diet, slowly and methodically. Then see for yourself. Remove all synthetic sugars and engineered "treats," and watch yourself become "more human" in every way. We are becoming a super species in size only.

The Descent Of Man
We are beginning a descent to common obesity because common sense is not so common. Our brains are becoming demented as our bodies become distended. Our brains are shrinking, as our bodies expand. Making the changes I'm suggesting and you will slowly but surely begin to grow younger and resemble the species we began as. Fit, beautiful, vibrant, glowing, intelligent human beings! Try it! You might like it!
Be well,
Tom DeVito


  1. Hi Tom, I came across your blog through Natalia Rose's website. I love your posts. I'm interested in practicing colon hydrotherapy and nutritional counseling and was wondering if you had any great book recommendations that explain anatomy in depth. I've read all of Norman Walker's books as well as Arnold Ehret's but I was looking for something that really breaks down the systems of the body and how they function. I appreciate any suggestions you might have and keep up the great blog posts :)


  2. Hi Jamie, I would say the best bet is to pick up a few different books on anatomy and physiology. You can find books that are beautifully illustrated. Also look into the "The Teaching Company," they're on-line and produce college lectures on many different courses concerning the human body. I bought one that is interesting, but the surgeon seemed a bit too interested in the miracles of modern surgery. Try to find things published before the 30's and you will get information free of agenda. Let me know how this works out for you.

  3. ZenaT,
    Please try to convert your comments to English. I cannot read or speak any other languages. Thank you.

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  5. Great! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy reading. Thanks for the support.


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