Saturday, January 30, 2010

If I Could Put Health In A Bottle. . .

The late Jim Croce penned that beautiful song. Time In A Bottle. Just a nod.

Tabula Rasa!
As I sit with not much of an idea as to what to share today. I look out my bedroom window and see the grey clouds darkening. Yet they seem too high for snow. I love the snow. I love how it looks and feels during a snow storm. I feel inspired. This is an interesting word—inspire. The word comes from latin and originates from spirit. As in to breathe into or animate with life. A biblical term, essentially. The word is used in many ways today. As in to "impart knowledge or truth to another being." Yet to be filled with the spirit or to be "inspired," is the usage I'd like to focus on for now. Somedays I don't feel as though I'm filled with anything.

To be full? Or not to be full?
So much of what we learn about health is based on "filling" the body with what I would consider, WASTE PRODUCT! To be inspired with health or to be filled with life, we must be empty vessels. To be full of FOOD or NON-FOOD, therefore WASTE is the absolute antithesis of health. I had the pleasure of walking through a "Vitamin Shoppe" yesterday and was so disturbed at how deeply the concept of health is missed. First off the word "shoppe" isn't a real word. It's a made-up spelling designed to appear "old-time-fashioned." Or as the "dashboard" dictionary states: "A deliberately archaic spelling used in the hopes of imbuing a store with old-fashioned charm or quaintness." How nice. Subtle deception is everywhere. At this little health "shoppe" you can find some very helpful items, like "Sun Chlorella." A green supplement full of minerals and chlorophyl. They actually sell some very healthy products. Most of which I have no use for. This sounds pompous, I know. I say this to illustrate a truth about these products. They are health assistants and are available as aids but are not the key to health. The products that assist in emptying the bowels or detoxifying the tissues are important. Still, what is most important as we seek to achieve real health is, that which we don't do! Meaning, detoxification is all about abstinence. An animal heals itself by doing "nothing." Bringing something to a sick body often results in masking the current illness while planting seeds for future illness. Future as in: when the body reacts to the residue of the medicine or attempts to release that poison for elimination. We see this process as a "new" illness. Rather than fall-out from medicating the last illness. Using ancient herbs and natural remedies is not what I'm referring to. I'm obviously referring to drugs and so on.

Vita=Life! Yet Vitamins Are Dead!
Once I walked past the healthier products and saw the endless bottles of standard vitamins, I became cynical. I thought about the fact that vitamins are seen as foreign matter in the bloodstream when fractionated, as in—not from food! The body becomes stressed when on vitamin therapy and just works to eliminate this extraneous material you paid so much money for. Whole food vitamins are a completely different story and will provide what is needed for these elements to be usable and beneficial. These whole-food products are less available and very expensive. Since living the way I do; vegan and mostly raw. I've never sought vitamin supplementation. Or anything other than a chlorophyl supplement, for that matter. Which is used for bolstering, not survival. Meaning, we can live without it. Plain and simple. This approach can combine two things once separate. Our medicine cabinets and our vitamin cabinet. Meaning, when we take on this lifestyle and include freshly juiced vegetables, we have little or no need for drugs or supplements. Yes, juicing can be expensive. Take away Tylenol and Advil and all other poisons found in the medicine cabinet. Now consider you will no longer need all the other non-pharmaceutical, unnecessary poisons, and you see, we actually spend less money in the long run.

Way in the back or Whey in the back!
Way in the back of the "shoppe" is where the real horror resides. On the shelves in very attractive, extremely large, colorful containers is where the worst SINS are being committed. Remember the real meaning of the word SIN. (To miss the mark! Or truth!) Like an archer missing the bulls eye! We miss the truth about health when it comes to this reversal of truth. We do it in many areas of life and the food industry. High-Fructose Corn Syrup is touted as healthy. We make the same claims for Canola Oil, Soy, meat, dairy, religion. Had to slip religion in there, just for fun. Whey, as I've stated many times before is a vile poison. It is not only unnecessary, it is outright harmful to human beings. PEOPLE: THERE ARE NO HEALTH BENEFITS FROM DECOMPOSING PROTEIN! And that's that! No debate needed here. Decomposing fat as in yogurt, when not pasteurized is perfectly acceptable, beneficial and of course not necessary. Decomposing carbohydrates, done correctly can also provide benefit, as well. When protein decomposes, putrefactive bacteria begins the process of "decomposing" or dismantling the flesh. Try eating a rotten egg. We can't even be in the same room with a rotten egg, let alone bring it to our mouth for consumption.

Fermentation Is NOT The Same As Putrefaction.
No way. No how! The very problem with human beings consuming meat is based on the fact that putrefied waste accumulates and fouls-up our elimination system, by hostile takeover. The putrefied bacteria over powers the beneficial bacteria. We are speaking about life-forms in the billions. When eggs, dairy and flesh is a part of the diet, our beneficial bacteria has no chance of survival. Meats are decomposing once defrosted. With all animal products, we take on putrefactive bacteria in the billions. Every meal. Every day! Now take whey. A decayed, dead, poisonous waste product being passed off as food! Worse yet, as a VITAL health product! What else will they come up with? Better yet—what else will we buy? With enough marketing, we seem to buy into a great deal of lies and deception. All to sell that which we DO NOT NEED. Food is no different. And "health supplements?" Well that is a vast wasteland of distortions and half truths mixed in with a lot of ignorance as filler! Don't buy into the "health-in-a-bottle" concept. This is in opposition to health. To be inspired with the vitality of life or the "breath of God," we must be empty the body of waste product. To breathe fully the air. To absorb fully our water. To use fully the nutrients our bodies create and extract from our foods is all we need concern ourselves with. Empty the clutter. Free the organism. Loosen up! Lighten up! Let go! And most of all, BE HERE NOW! This is where life is. Not in future. Not in past. Here in this very moment. Don't be afraid of hunger of emptiness. Let that state lead you to a peaceful, wholesome meal. Rather than to clog the body with mucus because you felt "starving," so you had to stuff yourself with pizza, etc. Feel the difference. Live lighter and cleaner for a short period of time and you will KNOW the truth. Eat less meat and see how much better you feel. Imagine life without symptoms of aging always lurking. Achieve health. Experience life without illness or the fear thereof!
Be well,
Tom DeVito

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