Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Patent Life, Blueprints For Demise

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Before I begin with today's blog, I would like to clarify something I wrote in a previous blog about a friend who eats meat. I wrote that she eats it three times a week. This is true. I'm not sure if I mentioned that she eats the meat raw! I know I failed to mention she eats only, organic, bio-dynamically raised beef. The cows are grass fed and live free of the factory environment. For those of you that don't think we mistreat animals watch "Earthlings" and then watch "Food Inc." You will then have a clear view of how we treat the animals, the workers and the seeds for our food supply. I wanted to clarify this about my friend because it is important to note the type of meat she consumes and the ethical treatment of the animals. She is vehemently against factory farms and is a major advocate for the ethical treatment of animals. Ultimately, the animals are slaughtered for food. At least they see the light of day and walk the earth. A far cry from life on a factory farm.

I am a geek when it comes to science. I love learning about astronomy and anthropology. I love to read about the science used to observe the universe and explain how it all works. Science is the means or technic used to understand complex concepts about the world. Without science we would know very little and perhaps may not know some of the basic necessities we currently take for granted. Science is the tool we use to carve out our existence. Imagine running the subway system of Manhattan, without mathematics. Not one track could be laid without some basic yet deep understanding. I really understand how important science is. Using science in so many areas of life has brought us some amazing advancements. Of course I like to point out the short sighted approach or the lack of "seeing the idea through." We often miss the point of what the negative side of any given invention brings. That being said. I'd like to start with a simple and basic yet very complex subject. FOOD.

Before Russia fell apart, they allowed scientists to manipulate the food supply. This contributed to the collapse of the country for many reasons. Mostly economically. Creating Frankenstein foods or Monsanto foods is not the only problem. The economy being strangled by GIANT business is more at the core of the issue here. Whomever is the largest purchasers in the country, has say over how things are grown and handled, treated etc. McDonalds determines how cows and tomatoes are grown in this country. For consistency in taste. Whether or not they actually wind up on a burger. We are doing so many things wrong at once, it's hard to know where to start. I know as I write this there is so much more I need to know to accurately write about such a topic. What I do know is this. Simply stated: WE ARE CREATING EMPTY FACADE FOODS WHICH CREATES A STARVATION IN PEOPLE. In the absence of real food, most people double up on these "facade" foods. Forget about processed foods for a moment. Lets just look at the two major crops in this country. Soy beans and corn. Starting with corn. Does anyone know the origin of corn? I won't wait for an answer. Maze is where corn comes from. Kinda. Maze was a natural food, cultivated and manipulated by the American Indians. They used this food in many ways. It was a starch vegetable. The we came up with a different crop. Through science we created corn. Since then corn has gone through so many changes, it is silly to call it corn. It is a cheap corn because it is a cheap seed. Brought to you by Monsanto. This company started with such wonderful products like DDT and Agent Orange. They are now in charge of all the seed in this country. In fact, if your crop shows evidence that Monsanto's pollen, took flight, as it does and wound up on your farm, through no action of yours. You will be sued for using their seed! Can you believe the madness. Monsanto has patented life. And with that patent, they are shorting ours.

There is no such thing as a natural seed where soy is concerned. All soy seeds belong to Monsanto. So what's the big deal? Why am I going on about this. Isn't this the American way? Why am I picking on this company? Well, lets see. Due to the unconscious acts of major food conglomerates, who seek to control every aspect of food production, while ignoring quality. We suffer. How? Most food or seed has been genetically modified and you don't know which foods are and which are not. Our government stands behind this practice. We don't have the right to know what we are eating. So when you eat a processed food from a health food store, and it has "lecithin" usually from soy, it's a GMO! Here I am preaching eating a whole-foods based diet. Is there a piece of land anywhere in this country where "real food" can be grown. Will the great Monsanto allow such a thing? There's a little part of me that feels defeated. How can we battle this kind of power? We need to stop buying our food from commercial super markets. We need to make our food the most important aspect of our lives. Funny thing, go into any supermarket and compare prices from packaged crap to produce. Produce is so much more expensive. It's a non-reality to feed a family of four, buying produce at a supermarket or a "grocery store." When you take into account, the overwhelming majority of families in what is still considered the "middle-class," these people can at least put food in the children's bellies by stopping at McDonalds! Why is it that the poison. The non-food. THE STUFF THAT MAKES US SICK IS SO AFFORDABLE? You know what the cheapest drug on the streets is? Heroin and crack!
So we are allowing scientists to "create food" and they are failing. Or are they? Is this the goal. To fatten America? To make us so sick that we become entirely dependent on the "healthcare system?" Healthcare! Funny that the two words used to describe this corporate-run, diabolical institution, somehow deals in everything but health and care. I am also aware that there are some great doctors out there standing up for what they believe in. Which is health and truth. I have been honored to meet such a doctor. He is a cardiologist and he's been vegan for a more than a year. He now treats his patients with food and not drugs. The patients results are staggering. Illness considered "incurable" by our so-called "experts," either vanishes or is improved, significantly. I don't feel it is fair to name this great man until I have his permission. He told me that he took all his patients off "Lipitor" (sp?) and put them on a plant-based diet. All of the patients are free of high-cholesterol! Imagine that?

Sustainable agriculture, local farms, small business, independent business, this is the future! Oops, there goes that world again. Seriously, this is the only direction. The more the commercial food companies genetically modify the food supply, the sicker we will become. No doubt. Its an obvious fact. Look around! We are FAT AMERICA! No joke! Nowhere in this world will you find so many malnourished fat people. Every go to Vegas? Wow! Obese people in wheelchairs being pushed by someone less obese. Don't they see the transference of roles? After the person in the wheelchair perishes from auto-intoxication, the subtly, less obese person inhabits the chair. We eat and eat and eat. Why? To find food in the things we eat! The problem is between GMO's, processed foods, flat-out wrong diet information, and the intellect free medical INDUSTRY, we are left to fend for ourselves. But wait. Is that a problem? I'm not so sure it is. I made a joke recently about cable TV. That we should all cancel, on the same day, HBO as a show of solidarity. With the hopes of getting a message to them. NO MORE SPACE CHIMP MOVIES!!!!!! The people of this country need to become more united. We need to form a team "TEAM REAL FOOD" or "TEAM GREEN." If we band together and stop handing our money over to giant corporations that rape the land and its people, and instead pay for quality food from local farmers. We would be supporting sustainable agriculture. Sustainable? Why is this such a missed concept by the powers that be? Duh! IT'S NOT PROFITABLE! Well screw them and their profit! We don't have to be slaves to masters who are dumber than dirt. Clever is all can be credited to them. Intelligence would mean that food production wouldn't abuse animals, workers, and the very earth used to grow the foods. What lunacy have we accepted as "the American way?"

Are we going to continue to eat this empty, facade food? While rapidly becoming sloths to a myopic system of ignorance and greed? It's not the system which is myopic but the people running it, of course. Or are we going to go back to the earth? Back to whence we came. We can do this. Remember, when we want to make a change, we can. All we need to do is stop spending our money, therefore sustaining a system designed for our demise! Spend your money on food that not only is healthy and whole, but doesn't kill the workers, abuse and torture its animals, and try to patent life! The foods that once occurred on this planet are almost no longer. Some very wealthy people have purchased a great deal of "original seed." Lets hope when we systematically destroy the corporate hold on us through food, the wealthy people who own the seed will share. What I'm trying to convey is peaceful in nature. No need for anger or feeling victimized. Just turn to the left and hand your money to the "little guy or gal" with the funny looking food. The food that isn't shiny and identical in size and color. Food that is real.
Be well.
Tom DeVito

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