Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lettuce Juice!

Get it? Let us juice! I know, I'm a dork. Why not have fun with all this. Today I'd like to talk about the importance of juicing. What to juice and what not to juice. First of all, lets cover some very important aspects of why we juice. Also, let me state that extracting juice from a vegetable or fruit "IS NOT NATURAL!" There I said it. It is however an UNNATURAL NECESSITY OF MODERN LIFE. Meaning, the agricultural system is a mess. Our foods are weak and lacking, severely in nutrients. So to extract the juice, the water of the food we can at least get what is needed in order to benefit from the foods of the earth. I know that what man makes is considered natural. Of course, now think of this; what's the difference between a bees hive, a birds nest or man's house? No difference, really. In fact the birds and bees build without the use of the opposable thumbs, Focker! (Inside Joke) However, this doesn't translate very well where the human body is concerned. You see, we can build a telephone pole and watch the birds perch on it and it's wires, with trees just a few feet away. Yet, it's not natural? To a large extent it doesn't really matter, but if we try to live on "super foods," made by scientific method, we just may alter the human genome for good. Not in a particularly good way. Juicing vegetables can bring us back to the earth and it's essence. Earth is the great home of life, as we know it. We humans have sacrificed too much for industry and now pay the price. So what? Juicing isn't natural! Neither is a colonic. Another UNNATURAL NECESSITY OF MODERN LIFE! Why? Because we eat too much "manufactured foods." It's okay to manufacture couches and cars and everything we need to make life easy and what have you. But to manufacture foods is an entirely different situation. We eat foods which stick and clog instead of nourish and cleanse. We breathe heavy metals from the air. We live under man made light. We breathe recirculated air. We fly in pressurized boxes with less oxygen that we need. We live in cities. Where's the nature? Of course we can argue this is the nature of mankind. What I'm asking is where are the trees? Where is the natural sunlight in our daily activities. Not in an office building or apartment building. I'm not suggesting we go live in the jungles and run from the life we've created, but that we pull from the earth and the foods of the earth, what is beneficial.

Let's consider why we juice. We juice for the alkalinity. We juice for the minerals. We juice for the "whole" nutrients. We DON'T juice for the fiber. That's something we want to strain out. Why? Because we can eat a salad or fruit for fiber. When we juice we want the liquid only, so the body needs not digest it till it's in the small intestines wherein it is absorbed and distributed for immediate use! Not bad, huh? Like fresh fruit, we need very little energy to digest these items because they are perfect for us. The stomach does nothing to these foods as they pass into the small intestines for a small amount of processing. This leaves us with great energy and feeds our cells and provides building blocks for our bodies to manufacture and supply the nutrients we need for function and health. We are chemical factories and we make protein, all the time. To eat a concentrated protein is like putting exhaust from a car into the gas tank. Sort of. Meaning we need the building blocks (amino acids) so we can make the protein. To take the already "realized" protein is to ask the body to dismantle this dense matter and break it down beyond amino acids, down to molecules. Because the amino acids are of an animal nature and not plant based. Can you see the waste of our vital energy. No wonder why there's a Starbucks on every corner in every city in the world! There simply is no need for this "almost cocaine like" substance to keep us alert and awake, when we drink the juice from vegetables.

The vegetables best for juicing include the following: romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, celery, carrots, collards, beets, beet greens, dandelion, ginger. I'm not going to list them all. Feel free to ask about others. Just giving an outline here. Try to stay away from broccoli, cauliflower, and the starchier veggies. They will cause gas and discomfort. Where's the fruit. The fruit is sitting on the table or in the fridge waiting for the juice to leave the stomach, that's where it is! We don't juice fruits on a regular basis because the sugars are too cleansing, especially when extracted from the fiber. The fiber will slow things down and the fruit will be less cleansing on the body when eaten. So eat the fruit and drink the veggies. Eat your salads as well. At the right time, of course. Treat veggie juice like a meal. Have it on an empty stomach and allow 35 to 40 minutes for a 16 oz. juice. If you are drinking 32 oz., wait an hour before eating. This will ensure proper assimilation of the juice. If we eat with the juice or have the juice after a meal we will be fermenting the juice and the food. We "mainline" alkalinity when we juice. This is a way to sort of "beat the system." If the food is devitalized then extract what is worthy and drink the equivalent of several pounds of vegetables in juice form, every day. You will then see what I'm talking about.

As you take on all the aspects of a cleansing diet, don't consider veggie juice lightly. This is one of the most important aspects of the cleansing diet. Without it, we're only playing the game at 50%. So, let us juice! Enjoy. And most importantly, don't drink juice that tastes bad. Find a combination of veggies that works for you. There's plenty of time to move into a more radical juicing program. For now, whet your beak. Get a taste. The taste is not just your taste buds, but your bodies re-acclimation towards ALKALINITY. Allow the process to happen, don't force yourself to like something you don't. Remember, with every acidic product we put in our mouths, our bodies must respond with protection. That protection is mucous. The more mucous we make, the more we have colds and flu's. The more we eat fresh whole foods, and the juices of veggies, the more we cleanse and restore ourselves back to health, vitality and longevity. As the great Fred Bisci says, "we can change the genetic imprint by simply changing the foods we eat." That's a powerful statement. What if he's wrong? Well, if he's wrong, what's the worse that can happen? You only live a long, healthy life in complete absence of illness and suffering? Oh well! I hope you all find this helpful and light hearted. I write these and make myself smile at the thought of sharing information I know to be true. It worked for me and it WILL work for you. Just stay on track. Which of course means, do your best. For there is no leaving the path. Life is the path. Everyday, no matter where you find yourself, there you are. Accept it. So good or bad, happy or not, we're always on our "paths." Everyday provides for us a chance to try again, to do it a bit better than yesterday. Take it slow. Enjoy the ride, for the ride is life. No destination, but another now in which to live. So, Let us juice. Here's to a long, healthy, vibrant, illness free life. Be well. Tom


  1. Fantastic post Tom. Particularly enjoyed the last part about always being on our paths. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Casey. Glad you connected with Release Wellness Center. You and Lee will be great together. Congrats! Talk to you soon. And thanks for the support!
    Peace & love,


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