Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Cycle Of Poison Or The Standard American Way!

I would like to first state that I entered into a program with Google. It's called Google ads. This is meant to help generate some revenue, while spreading the good word. The program feeds off of key words taken from a scan of the blog posts. Because I've slammed the medical community and their antiquated, often barbaric methods of "healing," the program picks up on key words like chemotherapy or radiation, etc. The program doesn't read, it just scans. The actual content of what I'm saying is not reflected in the ads. Instead, some ads might appear on your end, which are pro medical treatments. The very methods I am against are being advertised on my blog site. Hopefully as the topic changes, so will the ads. Here's today's thoughts. . .

This occurred to me just the other day. American's, and for the most part, the civilized world, by now, lives on a cycle of poison. Here's how I see it: We are brought into this world, and most often the either the birthing process and or the fertilization process, involves drugs of some kind. When are we going to understand this simple truth? If you cannot get pregnant, either both the man and the woman haven't lived a healthy life. So now we need fertilizer? Like plants? Strange. Most babies are born with drug hangovers. Then we move on to the next step of poisonous fortification. Vaccination! This is a very hotly debated topic. Yes I would be in favor of this program, if it in fact worked. I don't believe that vaccinations ever did anything to stop disease. Protection from infectious disease comes from "herd immunity." I've explained this in a previous post so I won't repeat myself, again! When the vaccination gives a child a so called side effect (I wrote a long post on so called "side effects." Check that one out. I go into this topic in detail.) the child is given antibiotics. (anti=against/ bio=life), once your child receives their first dose of this so-called miracle drug, your child has been indoctrinated into the drug program of America. Congratulations!

Welcome To The Drug Program Of America!
From the point your child is drugged for any illness symptom or condition, your child will now require their food intake be something that does not create discomfort. Real food, healthy food, doesn't feel good when there is such a high presence of drug residue in the bloodstream. This leaves babies with a colic condition. Or simply put: GAS! As we know, the drugs and the healthy food make for a poisonous soup out of the bloodstream. All sugars ferment in the presence of acidic poison. The more this happens, meaning the child is treated with minor and major drugs for their health, the more the child needs more poison. Mirroring the process a drug addict goes through. Or the cigarette smoker. They constantly need to keep a certain level of poison in the blood as to avoid the discomfort of the human body trying to ALWAYS keep poison at bay or rid itself, entirely of poisonous waste, foreign matter & toxemia!

Bad Directions
Considering the way we live, this makes sense. As we enter the middle ages of childhood, meaning toddler to preteens, we are drawn to all kinds of colorful poisonous traps. Cereals, candies, cookies, cakes, and so on. Everything that supports a toxic lifestyle. This is the very process that leads all of us to illness. It starts with bad directions from our medical teachers. The origin of the word doctor means teacher. We're lead by them, down paths of destruction and profit. The latter of the two is the lantern that lights the way. The roads we take in life in regards to health and healing always seem to be circuitous at best. Or better put; it's like getting direction from "Mapquest." If you've ever used this online service, you know what I mean. If you need to go north east, somehow the directions sends you south west for a little while. It's almost as if these doctors/teachers are just feeling around, blindly, in a dark room, trying to not knock anything over, yet they never bother to turn on the light! Perhaps these doctor's are so overwhelmed with their own pressures and needs to survive, that they can't work within the realm of truth, but instead are stuck in a system, which does not fully address illness, but as we know, addresses the symptomatic effects of the illnesses and various medication cocktails, designed for profit, not healing.

Hey, Look Over There!
How can a drug heal anyway? It's merely another poison, to offset your body's attempts to rid itself of poisons accumulated over the years. We always delight at the onset of medications as they do their job in providing the doctor and patient with the illusion of improvement. Have you ever played fetch with a dog? You pretend to throw the ball, but instead hold onto it. This is what drugs do to both parties. We go running after a ball that was never tossed. Instead, we waste precious time looking for an imaginary ball. All the while, real science is waiting to be discovered. Real methods of healing overlooked, because we are still looking for the ball, the magic pill. Drugs get enough results, for just enough time, then they turn on us or our bodies on the substances. Lets now look at trying to maintain health through diet and exercise, with a polluted bloodstream.

Building The Perfect Consumer
Real, natural foods are not appealing to people living with medication as a part of their daily routine. Keep in mind, many children are being medicated for attention deficit illnesses and behavioral problems. When all the while they're really being medicated, poisoned to help them cope with bad parenting and piss-poor teaching, in an education system that lacks the true essence of learning. True exploration. If schools were to suddenly switch over to healthy foods in their cafeteria's, all the kids would become a bit sick or their ability to focus or comprehend would be negatively affected. Why, because poisonous, processed garbage, which we call food, is full of chemicals. The cornerstone of a good diet plan! That's what we do. We consume chemicals. We drink water from plastic bottles, we eat foods colored with dyes.

It's Just Easier To Give The Kids What They Want!
Which is what we taught them and "turned them on to!"
We eat foods preserved (for profit) with chemicals. We drink liquids that are built from chemicals and genetically modified sugars or purely artificial sugars. People still think sugar is bad for us! White sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup and all the other poisonous sludge, we call food and beverage, is needed to keep everyone relatively normal. Take away the poisons and the children will all be like mini-heroin addicts. Detoxing the stupidity of American culture. Why do parents defend "Chicken McNuggets" and Pizza Hut? Why do they fight for the right to slowly kill themselves, their children and the entire family? This I do not understand. Perhaps, it's just convenience. Boy is that a weak word.

Here's the catch
As we live through the cycle of poison, we constantly fake throwing a ball in a certain direction and our bodies respond, almost every time. We can do that for a while. Then, we see what we always see. People far too young become sick with bad illnesses. And everyone is shocked. GET OVER THIS ALREADY!!! What the hell do people expect? That we can subsist on red, yellow and blue #5 and never suffer the consequences? Have we convinced ourselves none of this matters? Here's my suggestion. EAT REAL FOOD. Transition slowly, but get there. Start today. Feeding your children their favorite foods is not loving your children, its ignoring the higher importance of their health. I do not enforce my children to eat what I want them to. Instead, I try to explain why this is or that is a better choice. I explain the pitfalls of the diet. As to not restrict but teach. When their bellies ache, I look at what they ate! I don't call it a virus! Or a bug! It's the fuel!

Clean up your act!
Clean it up. Don't listen to your doctor, when diet is the topic. In fact, don't listen to most of what they say, unless they are talking logically about health and not trying to sell you drugs. The first book I ever read about health was written by MD's. The quote that made me put the book down and look elsewhere is this: "We don't call it junk food, we call it fun food. Besides, we have such good medicines and surgical techniques, that you can enjoy your life and when illness strikes, and it will, we have what you need to be well." Okay, that's not really a quote, but an accurate interpretation of an evil statement. This is why everyone is so sick. Get off the disease train and ride the wave of health.
Be well,
Tom DeVito


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