Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Time To Kill That Which Is Killing Us!

Another unedited piece. Not that I edit for real. I mean more typos than usual. Sorry, I'm too busy to fix. I'll catch up over the weekend. Enjoy. And thank you for reading.

When I set out to write blogs I really intended to not offend anyone and try to make my points while not knocking other's beliefs. Today I feel I must rant a bit.

Pardon My Rant:
I can see by the way things are going that perhaps the only way out is revolution. But not a violent overthrowing of government. After all, the military work for them! I'm speaking of a different kind of revolution. One that is far more effective and instead of using the same dumb-ass approach as our government and waste human life to further a cause. Not only would there be no loss of life to mindless, unconscious violence, but lives would be enhanced. Well some would. The lives that would not be improved, in the short run would be those people that are employed by and through these monopolizing, corporate thugs. It seems that a precedent has been set in this country. A standard by which all business operates and models themselves after. A dear friend of mine said something simple and true. If you owned a manufacturing company and employed over one hundred, thousand people, and had to pay the wages, health-care, taxes, etc., in the U. S. Or, pay a fraction of the cost in China! Duh! Of course the answer is obvious. Why would anyone keep their business here, in the U. S.? Is the problem the business owner? Is it our approach to big business. Don't we have enough out of work people that would be glad to have a job and would work for lower wages. Can't the "brilliant minds" of this country figure out some way to keep the U. S. in the manufacturing game? This country seems bent on giving away that which we once thrived on. Including good business practice. Have we priced ourselves out of the game? When an entire McDonalds meal for four costs less than enough produce to make one meal, there is a problem and it's not a real problem. It's an engineered problem.

Don't Be Fooled
Yes, I'm cynical and a bit paranoid. We need to keep our eyes open. This last "attempted terrorist act" gets me thinking. Is it real? I'm sure something went down and thankfully the man was intercepted. Is this a reason for us to install full body scanners? Are you people ready to be DNA swiped? That's where we're headed. Have you noticed since 9/11, the amount of personal rights that have been taken away from the citizens of this country? We can no longer walk into public institutions, without being treated like suspected criminals. "Oh but its for safety!" Oh please! What a load of crap! People seem willing to give every ounce of their freedom away in the guise of safety. Look at what happened in Germany. It is believed the Germans staged an attacked on their own government building to instill fear in the people. This would help consolidate Hitler's Nazi Party, short for nationals, rise to power. With little proof that the deed was carried out by three bulgarians. This was deemed an act of terrorism. The Reichstag building was reported to be on fire. The German Parliament would meet there. This gave teeth to the reasons Hitler had for mass genocide. Create enough fear and people will hand over everything. Just for a bit of peace. No one in the U. S. payed much attention or asked the most basic question after 9/11. Why were we attacked? Instead we let our collective ego take over. "How dare they attack the great and powerful Oz!" "We are the great and beneficent country!" "All those innocent people died. For what?" Agreed, 9/11 was a horrific experience for this country, for NYC. For human beings. But what about the rest of the world? What about our treatment of the peasants of the world?

Think of this, we've not gone to war with a major country since WWII! We seem to only attack small countries, inhabited by peasants. We war over ideology? Don't kid yourselves. We war over things! Things we can't just take. So we bend people into submission. I could go on for days. I'm not bashing this country or the people in it. I'm bashing the very essence of our government. This is why it's okay for four companies to grow, produce, process and engineer our foods! This is why the Health-care reform bill in this country is not battle between conservatism and liberalism. This is a mass feeding of the corporatocracy (sp?) not democracy of this nation. Meaning, we are feeding multinational companies, huge contracts. If all Americans have coverage then the insurance companies make more money! Everyone is yelling about socialism! This is not a socialist program. If it were, THE GOVERNMENT WOULD BE SHELLING OUT THE MONEY! They are not! The people are.

The Big Picture
What I'm ranting about is not so much these minor details. And to some extent they are minor details. I'm ranting about the thread of thinking in this country. The almost submissive thinking of the people. You see, their method is working. They are engineering empty food. The foods are so full of chemicals, we're getting stoned to some degree eating this blue garbage! As the foods become less and less food and we become less and less human. As we become gigantic and sloth-like. They win. We're getting to obsessed with distraction. Too obsessed with counting calories. We live on antibiotics and therefore cannot fight disease. We lose vitality and we're told "what do you expect, you're thirty-five?" Are you kidding? I don't care what age I reach, I will never accept that line of crap. I will stay healthy and vital, in spite of these bone heads. In spite of our agriculture or should I say agri-vulture system. I have no faith in the organic movement because the government have made it almost impossible to grow and distribute organic foods. Or organically grown foods. Meaning, to grow it and distribute it, as grown is one thing. Now the U. S. government made it legal to grow food organically but treat it, chemically afterwards. So as long as the food is grown organically, you can dip it in whatever chemicals you like! Imagine that? Well you don't have to. It's happening.

This kind of behavior is what trickles down through society. The very ideals we once adhered to, ethically speaking, came from our so-called leaders. The men and women of government once set the standards of excellence and "showed us the way." We learned from government and some from religious institutions, a moral and decent way to exist in the world. Of course both institutions are completely full of shit! And always have been. Why? Control. Still, it seemed greed was not the driving factor. The government, prior to being hi-hacked by a radical, christian-fundamentalist, boneheads, actually kept some balance. Or at least it appeared that way. The catholic church. What can I say that would not be offensive about this organization. The catholic religion seems to keep their secret best. They like all other religions keep the goods from the people! The truth. Like every single "power organization" or "corporation" in this county, the truth is for their consumption. Deceit and misinformation is for us. The more debate amongst the people, the better for the "powers that be." The fatter and dumber we are, the less likely we will attempt to upset the "donut cart." Sorry "apple cart" no longer applies. Lets update our cliches. Repeat after me: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But is it an apple, anymore? It's really an idea of an apple. A donut a puts a temporary smile on my face, and takes away my feelings of a bleak and meaningless life, if only for a moment. While ushering me to my final resting place. I wonder, if eating non-food or engineered food was a sin, what would people do then.

"Jesus was a beggar, he was rich in grace"—Joni Mitchell
One last note. "What would Jesus do" is a phrase I often hear from "liberals." (Generous & open-minded) My dad brought it up last night in a discussion we were having. We both said he would say, "you schmucks actually believe this crap?" He was Jewish! (use Yidish word schmuck) Talk about taking truth and turning it into pure fiction, to serve a powerful, co-ruling party. The Roman Catholic Church. In fact as my dear friend, B. Seth so eloquently puts it, "Jesus was a socialist, liberal, intellectual Jew! This is true. So was his message. You need not look outside yourselves for infinite power. You are the very expression of the Universe! (or God) Heaven is a state of mind, not a place. It's here now. Now! That's all there is and ever will be. When we figure this stuff out. When we realize we can do anything. We will no longer be held captive by the low-level intelligence, which controls government and religious institutions. The revolution is where we spend our money. You want to stop something, don't give your money to it and it will shrivel up and die. Our place in this world depends on many things. But the soul of the people is dying. We have no spirit. We have no content, as a people. We followed the numb minded, narrow thinking, greed-ministers of this country into a deep ravine. It is time we pull ourselves up, while leaving the scum at the bottom. Let it flush down the toilet like unwanted debris. Residue of an old system which not only didn't serve the PEOPLE (remember the people?), but instead poisoned the people. From the American Indians to the slaves we made of African people, to the total mistreatment and abuse, torture of women, we have been lead down a bad road. Time to steer the wheel in a different direction. STOP FEEDING THE SYSTEM THAT DEVOURS YOU! Feed local, small business every chance you get. Feed small farmers and they will feed you food. Real food. Not Monsanto poison. This needs to end. How. Stop spending. Simple. No water for the plant—the plant dies. Time to put companies like Monsanto out of business. "You can do it. You just have to believe." A line from the movie, The Time Bandits. A great Terry Gilliam film.
Be well.
Tom DeVito


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